I’m Margie Riley, I’m an editor and proofreader. I’ve also been described as a wordsmith—a bonus that thrills me.

I have a thorough grounding in English which enables me to make pertinent suggestions for their work. I’m conscious of the need to maintain—and promote—the writer’s voice. I’d love to help you with your projects, large or small and provide a personal service: one-on-one sessions either by Skype or, if you live in the Greater Brisbane area, in person.

English is an evolving language and some of the more rigid rules of grammar have been relaxed; however, spelling and punctuation gaffes, jumbled sentence construction and the incorrect choice of words are never acceptable to discerning readers. In other words, I make my clients’ works accessible and enjoyable to their readers.

I also present small, non-confrontational editing workshops to creative writers’​ groups. This is a real buzz as I am able to look at editing from a writer’s point of view. My network grows with each presentation. I love to share knowledge and to help other writers with their work. I presented at the 2015 Writers’ Group Convention.

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