I work from my home in south east Queensland, Australia, as an editor and proofreader. I’m also a writer and am, of course, acutely aware of the insecurities and breast-beating Margiethat accompany this art form. I’ll treat your work—your baby, your sweat and blood—with respect and dignity. I’ve had a number of short stories published and I’m writing my first novel (isn’t everybody?).

I’m a founder member of a book club of long-standing, I belong to a local writers’ group and am a member of The Queensland Writers’ Centre. I am a member of the IPEd (Queensland). Writers’ workshops and caffeine (it’s a tie between coffee and chocolate) are my downfalls. I regularly attend writers’ workshops.

With my husband, who grows the vegetables, I gave a home to a rescue dog.  We used to have some chickens, but the local predators have beaten us—it’s difficult to shake your fist at a beautiful wedge-tailed eagle. We’ll try again. We have a dam stocked with fish and we’re regenerating rainforest where we can and encourage the native wildlife (perhaps that’s the problem!) to take up residence. I can’t do without yoga sessions or walking (with the dog), and in the past I was a keen horse-rider. I have a mind for trivia, a passion for words, a sharp wit and a well-developed sense of humour.

I support national drug reform, Family Drug Support, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and multiple sclerosis and motor neuron disease research. I’m on the committee of the White Bear Foundation. It’s a not-for-profit organisation providing fantastic workshops for children on the cusp of adolescence. We focus on building the children’s self-esteem and resilience at this often difficult transition period. No wonder it’s close to my heart.

Recently I’ve been described as a ‘book ferret’ for our local community library. I’m proud; not many can claim that as one of their skills.

I’m a volunteer for the Brisbane Writers Festival, a member of the Samford Writers Group and the (Meetup) Brisbane Writers Group.

I have proofreading and editing qualifications (EVO451A, attained through TAFE Queensland). In late 2014 I completed a MOOC (Write 101) through UQ and loved it. The realisation that we can now end sentences with prepositions and don’t have to fuss over splitting infinitives was delightful. Oh yes, and as a judge of short stories and flash fiction I learn from everything I read. Some people are so very clever. Learning never stops!

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