My clients have written books in various genres: historical fiction and non-fiction, fantasy, cookery, self-help, memoir etc; this has given me exposure to their interests; I love to see my clients gain the recognition they deserve. I am also, being a sensitive soul and well aware of the fragility of writers, a considerate and caring editor—a gentle wielder of the red pen. I also count the publisher of a local magazine a client.

You’ll see from the Home page that I also present small, friendly, non-confrontational workshops for creative writers’ group. I can offer these on a number of subjects—try me!

I also have experience in the following fields:

  • Business writing. Experience as a trainer and writer of training manuals has equipped me with knowledge relating to RTOs, WH&S, training methodology, and—importantly—readability and clarity for the trainee; in short, plain English.
  • Your CV or résumé. Would you like me to read it and make suggestions?Experience in the recruitment industry provided another layer to my editing skills. Part of my role involved advising candidates on the writing and presentation of their CVs and application letters.
  • How about tenders and submissions? I have experience working with documents of these types and my accuracy and attention to detail will work to your organisation’s advantage. I’ve assisted with the proofreading of proposals and tenders as well as working in a team tasked with a complex re-working of methodology. In another life I worked in teams of editors working on multi-million dollar tenders within the engineering field.
  • Newsletters? I’ve produced those too. During my tenure with a well-known children’s not-for-profit organisation I wrote and produced easy-to-read, informative and eye-catching examples.

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