As a workshop presenter

‘Place as Character’.

The delightful and knowledgeable Margie Riley delivered this informative and proactive workshop … Margie deposited us (metaphorically speaking) in a cemetery and encouraged us all to imagine a scenario of mystery, intrigue and scenes of the strange and unusual. After 10 minutes of impromptu writing, the various plots and imaginary concepts that emerged from each of our writers were very interesting … a further 10 minutes of heads down choosing a locationwhere we wanted to be, which resulted in even more interesting places with which to toy as settings for a chosen piece of writing.

Needless to say our homework … is the further development of those inspirations.

I can certainly recommend Margie to conduct workshops to other writers groups.

Irene Geels
Geebung Writers’ Group

A world away

Even though we are on opposite sides of the planet, Margie has been so easy to work with and so quick and efficient.

She was recommended to me by a trusted client so, having corresponded with her about my project, I was confident that she would be the right editor for the book. I found it amazing how the changes she put in place changed my work without actually changing it.

I know that I still have a long way to go with my project as it grows and evolves, and I am sure that Margie will tweak, change and correct it to perfection when I need her to!

Thank you so much Margie. I just wish I could meet you in person!

Dee x

Dee Booth, Parenting Coach
Sleep Fairy & Parent Rescue

Understands the importance of ‘story’

Margie…offered a number of suggestions in her mark-up of my first manuscript that served to strengthen the characters and the plot. Margie has an intuitive understanding of ‘story’ that I respect and admire. She asks insightful questions about the author’s intent.

…for a writer who really wants to showcase the best of their work, employing and working with a copy editor is a must. I found Margie a very sensitive and efficient copy editor. I have loved working with her and have learned so much. I highly recommend Margie Riley’s editorial services to writers committed to presenting their work in the best way.

Julie Martin, MA

Availability, timeliness and nurturing

When I had finished writing my non-fiction book and went searching for an editor I discovered Margie. I read the reviews others had left for her and decided to try her out. I wasn’t disappointed. Margie tightened up my writing nicely and found errors I hadn’t seen. She improved the flow of my story and was always available to answer my many questions. She was able to start on my book immediately which was an added bonus and she nurtured me through to the end. Since then she has kept in touch and continues to encourage me. Thanks Margie!

Lorraine Smith
Spectrum Books


Any writer who is serious about their craft needs to build a strong working relationship with an editor whom they trust professionally and ethically. Not only does an editor ensure that the writing and language of the story is conveyed-–with greatest precision, depth and authenticity-–to the reader via careful structuring of the text and grammar, but someone who will look for and point out inconsistencies and inaccuracies as they appear within the work. I have been delighted with Margie’s gentle and persistent suggestions as well as her constructive criticism on the variety of texts she and I have worked on together. She is both professional and extremely approachable, with excellent time management skills. Her efficiency and expertise has allowed me to concentrate on my writing, rather than be tangled up with the semantics of grammar. I look forward to a long term relationship with “my editor” and would recommend her services to those who wish to push their passions in writing into a career.

Annie Evett
Writer and Thaumaturg

Universe and the moon

The universe brings some people into your life for a reason. Margie coming into my life has been a godsend. She has a wonderful ability to wield her (correctional) pen with precision while also offering up thoughtful suggestions. Her involvement in my work has helped me grow as a writer. She was able to spot errors in my work that I couldn’t see anymore. Margie has a great eye for detail which not only improved my own eye, but allowed me to get on with focusing on the broader story arc.

Moon and back, Margie, moon and back.

Renay Allen

Knows her stuff

I first met Margie through our local writers’ group more than six years ago and have since discovered that we share a mutual love of reading and writing.
As a successfully published writer herself, Margie is well aware of the vulnerability all writers sometimes feel about their own work. I frequently seek input and feedback from Margie for my work. I have found her to be always conscious of the need to be sensitive with her critiques, yet willing to offer appropriate, constructive suggestions and comments to assist any writer whose work she is reviewing.
As one of her recent clients I have invariably found Margie to be perceptive and caring, and to strive for respect and clarity in every communication with me.
Margie knows her stuff!
If anyone is seeking the services of an authentically friendly, empathic, competent and considerate editor, Margie is your go-to person.
I will, of course, be happy to provide more information if required.

Barbara Cook

In for the long haul

For the past six years I have worked closely with Margie Riley in her capacity as an editor and proof reader. She has assisted me in preparing three novels for publication, as well as reading, discussing and proof reading a number of my essays and short stories. Her work is careful and meticulous, she has a wealth of knowledge in her field of study, and her direct dealings with me have always been courteous and friendly. I can only speak highly of Margie Riley and attest to her many fine qualities as a person.

Mary Mageau

Remarkable speed and efficiency

We had a big and, of course, really urgent job which needed fresh eyes to find and fix the errors and to ensure the grammar was correct. We emailed Margie and she managed to work through the spreadsheet, find things we hadn’t even recognised as errors, as well as fix all those we thought might be lurking somewhere. Her speed and efficiency is remarkable and she takes into account the difficult circumstances her clients often find themselves in.
Margie’s general knowledge helps her bring that ‘extra something’ to all her work. She has the ability to put herself into the clients’ shoes and to understand the targeted audience. We are, therefore, confident that she can research information for us, as well as correct documents.
What a person to have on side! We are really grateful – thank you Margie!

Claire C
ex-Queensland Fundraising Campaigns Coordinator
Starlight Children’s Foundation

Clear, concise and constructive

Following the construction of a new website, Ms Riley was asked to review and edit the website. She provided a comprehensive, clear, concise and constructive analysis…Her feedback was timely and well-structured. I felt her suggestions for adding content and altering the structure added significant value to the site…Overall, Ms Riley was very professional, and a pleasure to work with, and I would have no hesitation in using her services again or recommending her to any other company.

Dr G Cunningham

Open and honest

I found Margie to be open and honest with her quote and time requirements.
They say ‘proof is in the pudding’ and my book was delivered before time, expertly amended with valuable comments, and under budget.
Thanks Margie, I will have no hesitation in recommending you.

Maree Morton
Massage Therapist

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